Work in progress

•juli 1, 2013 • Kommentera


This is just a small part of the home village, but just as the title says, it’s a work in progress, the map isn’t done just yet. I still got many details to add.


Intro,- Map One

•juni 16, 2013 • Kommentera




I haven’t been working for a long time, but I’ve made a few details on this map.
But since I got my Photoshop working again I will work on my main project and hopefully upload a new video soon. 🙂

Side Project – Screenshot

•februari 12, 2013 • Kommentera



It has been some time since I made maps with tiles only, but here’s a map from my side project. 😀

Side Project

•februari 11, 2013 • Kommentera

Well, I am having some trouble getting new ideas for my game so I will begin with a side project.

I will work on my main project when I get some new ideas, don’t know when though, but my side project will not be in parallax like my main project.

New Post

•februari 9, 2013 • Kommentera

I got my laptop factory restored yesterday so I have to install RPG Maker VX Ace and Photoshop again, but I got my work saved before that so I don’t have to redo my work, but it will take some time before I upload new maps, but I’ll try to upload something soon enough. 🙂

Screenshot; – Intro

•januari 9, 2013 • Kommentera


Notice; the map isn’t quite done yet. I’m going to put up some more events to make it look much  better, and I’m trying to find a fitting background sound. Something with rain, fighting and fire, all in one. I already got background music, but I might change it, I don’t know yet. But when I get up the events and make a few more maps I will probably make a new video. 😉

Game Over

•december 25, 2012 • Kommentera



Here’s my current Game Over screen, please tell me what you think about it 🙂